International Santa Claus




For New Year, all children eagerly await Santa Claus. Coming to your place, Santa Claus will delight your little ones with his New Year's stories and songs. Children actively participate all the time. At the end of the perfomance, follows the presenting of New Year's gifts and taking photos with Santa Claus, which will surely remain as a wonderful memory to your child. The Santa Claus performance ranges from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the age of children, their willingness to communicate and the number of children participating the performance. The performance is intended for gatherings up to 20 children. This Sana Claus performance can be on English, Russian or Italian language.


The price of the animation is 7.300 RSD
The price does not include VAT


Ponuda važi za termine do 31. decembra 2018. godine i 1. i 2. januara 2019. godine
Do dvadesetororo dece - 7.300 RSD